​​Jordan Girls  Fastpitch ​ Association

Travel Softball Tryouts

02/03JMS Gym1:00-2:00pm2:00-3:00pm3:00-4:00pm4:00-5:00pm5:00-6:00pm

This is a co-sponsored program between JGFA and Community Education and Recreation

  1. This is a competitive, skills based traveling league and an evaluation is used.  There is a risk that cuts will be made, and no player is guaranteed a spot. 
  2. Games run from mid-May through July typically twice per week on any night of the week.  Practices will be determined by the team coach.
  3. The number of teams is based on tryout scores/strength of team, not by the number of athletes that try out.  This will be determined after try-outs.
  4. There is no guarantee that there will be enough players to fill out any team.  If there are enough athletes for multiple teams, that could be created as well.  CE and JGFA has the right to move athletes up a level or shift to another team as it seems fit based on tryouts and numbers.
  5. Players who live in the Jordan School District or attend Jordan Schools will be given preference regarding selection, however players will be selected based upon their abilities
  6. Coaches, players, and parents will have to sign a code of conduct form before the child is allowed to play.
  7. Players will have to purchase their own uniforms.
  8. We will conduct closed door tryouts in order to fairly evaluate the athletes and minimize parental distraction